This user takes his name from a character in Star Trek (TOS) best described as a flamboyant, spoiled child with no respect for human beings and given to temper tantrums.

Born in late 1963, TheLonelySquire became a big fan of Prince after the Purple One was reported to have made anti-gay remarks. Close associates of TLS in real life, like TheFriendlyAngel, report that his anxiety and fear about all matters sexual is based in shame that his wife has been declared Honorary Town Bicycle in Middletown, Connecticut.

He sucks more cock than she does and that's not easy.

TLS is so paranoid and thin-skinned that he checks his topic here regularly and edits it. Reverting it to this accurate description only takes a few moments and pisses him off enough to make that worthwhile.

TheLonelySquire, AKA TheScreamingCunt, has finally been permabanned from TrekBBS.

This gives Loser Jim lots of time to demonstrate his impotence by reverting edits on this page. He did it again. Let's keep count, shall we?

And he did it again! Too bad, he's stuck with this and can never get it off the Internet. More details can always be added, though, as they become available.